Friday, 6 August 2010

RSS Feed

Learnt something else today about RSS, subscribe and following - not all the same thing! Yes, call me a little slow, but there is just so much to learn.

OK .. if you subscribe you will have to choose the program that you will access the updates from. I'm using Google reader bookmarked and I check every now and then to see what new articles there are on sites I have subscribed to. I don't need to check that often because most of them are usually Tweeted (?) as well and come up  on my Twitter account - one of the reasons I am so hooked on Twitter.

Choosing 'follow' means you need to use Google Friend connect or the BlogSpot site. I hope that helps those who like me didn't really know where to find the updates once you choose to subscribe or follow!

This background knowledge needed to access the technology is a source of constant amazement and enlightenment for me. AND it's all so available! But the little issues I'm facing are really helping me to plan for supporting busy teachers in getting started on using web 2.0.

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