Sunday, 8 August 2010

Brave New world part 2

I have spent a fair amount of these holidays trying to catch up with web 2.0 and all the other gizmos around these days (OK, so 'gizmos' kind of makes me sound old!).

I've met with our new PYP coordinator and together we had little melt downs about the 'overwhelmness' of it all. Where to start, what to focus on, how to make it work to improve student learning, how to make it work to improve teacher learning!!! And in spite of our searches, googles, tweets and blogs, we don't seem to have found any definitive answer. I'm sure it will be out there in the blogs or the Tweets somewhere.

In my quest, I now have a bulging Twitter page, 3 blogs, 2 PLNs, know what a Ning is (that makes me feel  pretty proud), can use Google docs (and can say it is definitely more useful, but serves a slightly different purpose to my MobileMe online cloud) and understand how RSS feeds work. My Facebook page, however,  has remained gloriously private.

Then I came across this little wonder with over 1,000, 000 views and had an epiphany! I 'll never have the answer! All I can do is keep looking and see what comes along next, hopefully enjoying the ride, making new friends and learning an awful lot as I go. Think I'll just go relax with a good Kindle!

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