Friday, 30 July 2010

Winding up, winding down

Don't we all know that end of holiday feeling? Holding on to the last shreds of the holiday, trying not to check the school email for just a few more days but all the while feeling in two minds - secretly getting a little excited at the promise of a new school year and all the possibilities, but dreading the administrivia that is always lurking to sabotage the chance to do the great stuff!

New school year resolutions. I come up with dozens of these over the holidays, develop some into fully fledged projects, while placing others on the back burner to stew for awhile before I take any action. This year I'm going to record the successes and challenges and hopefully along the way, learn something that's worth sharing:

For me personally:
  • Know how to use the technology, be a leader in its use
  • Develop the Visual Arts program using the new Primary Years Programme Scope and Sequence - think I'll try to Ning this! 
  • Perfect the art of prioritizing! 
For the Lower School:
  • Improve the communication throughout the school and its groups (This is where my new tech skills will come into action!)
  • Develop teacher reflection, leadership and collaboration ... ahhh that would be enough!
Now to make a plan .......

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